A Little About Me...


Before I was a designer, I was a materials scientist. I would create ceramics that wouldn't shatter, set carbon fiber on fire, and fabricate nanofibers from electricity. I gained an appreciation for designing responses to weird and difficult problems.

I soon realized though the harder and more exciting design space is in responding to human problems. 

As opposed to material problems, people problems are myriad and fluid. They are multiplied by the immense variety of people’s mental and physical abilities. They are constrained by context and history.

Assumptions can and have to be made. However, I have found great design comes from talking to people as much as possible.  That way I can ideate and prototype to create the best possible experience.

I love encountering new challenges and diving deep into new material. I can roll those learnings forward and be a better designer for whatever challenge comes my way.

If you would like to chat, feel free to drop me a note